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Oopies Bag!

Oopies Bag!

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Oopsies bags will contain a random assortment of sticker sheets and die cut stickers that are imperfect! There may be stickers that are improperly cut stickers, faded or color variations, and size variations. This is made in an effort to help reduce waste and also acts as a second chance for these stickers to get a loving home :)

Each bag will receive around 3-5 stickers or sticker sheets each! The stickers you receive may be different from what is shown in the photos as well!

♡Please note that colors may appear differently on your monitor

♡Orders should arrive 2-5 days nationally and 2-4 weeks internationally!
♡Due to COVID-19 and the holiday season there may be delays in shipping!
♡All orders will come with tracking!

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