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Sailor Moon Pin: Complete Set (22)

Sailor Moon Pin: Complete Set (22)

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This set consists of ALL Sailor Moon pins INCLUDING Serenity and Endymion pin!

♡All pins are hard enamel pin
♡Approximately 1.75" tall/wide per pin
♡Serenity and Endymion pin is 4" tall/wide!
♡All comes with 2 rubber backings (3 for Serenity and Endymion pin)
♡Luna, Artemis, and Serenity and Endymion pin come with glitter

♡All comes with a engraved backstamp for authenticity 
♡All are gold plating
♡Colors may appear differently on your monitor

A grade pins are pretty much perfect! If anything, they might have a small dot that is not noticeable unless closely looked at.

B grade pins have a slight flaw, not too noticeable from afar. Some have a few scratches on the surface, some have part of the gold plating scratched off on the sides and so on.

Orders should arrive 2-5 days nationally and 2-4 weeks internationally! Due to COVID-19 there may be delays in shipping!
All orders will come with tracking!

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